Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us?  Have a look through our frequently asked questions and you just might find the answer.  If not, feel free to contact us and we'll make sure you get answer you need.

    General Questions

  1. Do you have a store?

  2. No, I no longer have a retail shop in Dickson.  I do several shows and our product is always available on line.  I closed my shop in Dickson August 2014 and moved to new studio with no retail space.

  3. How long has Gammel House Pottery been making pottery?

  4. I took my very first pottery class at Lethbridge Community College in 1993 while getting my Business Diploma.  From there I have taken many, many courses from Red Deer College Summer Series to Mechosin Summer School of the Arts, Australia National University ...   The list goes on, so all told I have been make pottery for more than 20 years.

  5. Do you offer pottery lessons?

  6. I am available to teach courses on throwing, glazing and general craft business development.  I do not teach  pottery courses at the moment at my personal studio but would be happy to chat if you are looking for an instructor for workshop.

  7. Where else can I purchase your pottery?

  8. Please see our “Where to Buy” Locations page for more information.

  9. Where do you sell your work, how can I purchase it?

  10. I do several shows a year through out Alberta (check coming events) and will be having two yearly outdoor "festival" like shows here in the Dickson area.  The best way to stay on top of where I sell is to join our email newsletter and check the coming events section of the website.  

    Products and Glazes

  11. How do I care for Gammel House Pottery pieces?

  12. You can use our pottery in the oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and freezer.  We do not recommend taking product directly from the freezer to the oven.  Do not place on the electric burner or open flame. The bottom of the flat surface must be completely covered with food or water to maintain an even heat, preventing thermal shock.

  13. Are your glazes food safe?

  14. Yes, our glazes are ‘lead free’ and ‘food safe’.


  15. When I place an order how long will it be until I receive my order?

  16. Your order will take 4-6 weeks for you to receive it.  Depending on product availability you may receive it sooner.

  17. Will my purchase look just like the pictures on the web site?

  18. Due to the hand made nature of pottery, every piece is different. Every effort is made to have the work be consistent in color and size.

  19. Can I add to my place setting over a period of time?

  20. Yes, you can, however, we recommend that for place setting orders and other items that need to match that they all be ordered at the same time.  This is so your pieces can be fired together having a better chance of matching.

  21. Do you have a return policy?

  22. Yes, products may be returned within 30 days of purchase; however, shipping charges are not refundable.  Returns will be dealt with on an individual bases.  If the product has a material defect then it will be exchanged, if the product has been damaged due to improper care then there will be no return.  Common sense applies.

  23. Can I order on line and pick up my order?

  24. Normally we ship as I no longer have a retail shop and regular hours.  However, if you are local and are able to give me a call we can certainly make arrangements for you to pick up your order.


  25. How do you ship and how much does it cost?

  26. We ship our pottery through Canada Post expedited parcel service and have great success. The cost of shipping for anywhere in Canada is $10 flat rate for your order and for USA it is $20 flat rate.

    Bridal Registry for the Bride & Groom

  27. How do I register?

  28. Here are the basic steps to register your wedding with us:

          1.  Click on 'Registries' then choose Create Your Registry. 

          2.  Click on 'Back to Shop' and choose your color and items that you wish to receive for your wedding. 

          3.  After each item is chosen then click on ‘add to registry’, be sure to enter the proper quantity that you wish to receive. 

          4.  When you are done shopping click on‘ Registry Info’.

          5.  Be sure to fill out all of the questions on the Info page.

    a.       Registry Title:  is the name of both the bride and groom

    b.      Registry Description: is a brief write up about the couple and why you chose to register at Gammel House Pottery.  Be sure to include your shower and wedding dates!

    c.       Registry photo:  Upload a photo of the two of you so your guests can see you!

    d.      Personal Information:  We need this so we can contact you with any questions and also to ship you your gifts.

          6.  Review your items and information.

          7.  Submit the Registry to us for approval and review!  We just want to make surethat everything is correct before we activate it onto our site.  If you have     any changes you can always call us and we can change the registry for you.

          8.  Once we review your registry it is now active and your guests can shop.

          9.  You will receive your purchased gifts by mail in one shipment from us shortly following your wedding date.

        10. CONGRATULATIONS!  We are proud to be a part of your new life together ‘Living Beautifully with Handmade Craft’.

    Bridal Registry for the Guest

  29. How do I purchase from the registry?

  30. Here are the basic steps to purchasing from the registry:

          1.  Click on Registry and select your wedding couple. 

          2.  All the items the wedding couple chose will appear on the screen and you can begin shopping.

          3.  Choose your gifts and when you have made your final selections proceed to our secure check out.

          4.  We will send you a hand crafted gift card containing a description of your purchase to give the Bride &Groom.

          5.  All the wedding gifts will be shipped at the same time directly to the Bride & Groom.

          6.  You are always welcome to contactus with any questions.

          7.  You are able to purchase your gift through the shop if you choose and not through the internet.  We would love for your to come and visit us or you can call or e-mail us with your order as well.

          8.  Enjoy the wedding day!

  31. Do I have to use PayPal or is there another method of payment?

  32. If you are not comfortable making your payment through PayPal on the internet please just give us a call and we will be happy to make other arrangements for you. 

  33. Do I have to order online?

  34. No, you are more than welcome to come to shows, call or e-mail me.