What Folks are Saying

Nothing is better than having kind feedback from the people who have used our pottery.  Please have a quick look below to see what people have had to say about it.
  • Gammel House pottery is truly “functional art”!  Their beauty and creativity are easily showcased in my home but because they are so functional, they demand to be used all the time.  The fact that they are oven and dishwasher safe make them a first choice for any job.  I love the lasagna and pie dishes because it is so easy to clean up but the pottery I use the most is my bowls.  I have enough for the whole family and the table looks great set with them, whether we are having soup or fruit and ice cream! 

    My favorite gift to give (or receive!!) for any occasion is Anna’s pottery.  It is so unique and and being locally made, it represents our area very well.

    Kathy Knopp

  • I love pottery.  I have many pieces ….what I love about Anna’s is every piece is a work of art…..when I pick up a piece of pottery I have to feel it….I rub my hands across the surface to feel for any marks, chips.  It has to “feel” right before I buy….well hers must have had the right feel as I have a complete set of dishes, along with many serving pieces.  I use this pottery daily.   I have purchased Anna’s pottery for….weddings, friends birthdays, Christmas…well whatever the occasion – pottery gifts from GHP are always a huge hit.

    However it is not only the pottery that keeps me coming back,  each time I step into the shop I enjoy my time.  I can shop for hours and buy nothing, or shop for 10 minutes and buy a lot….the hospitality is always the same – country charm at it’s best. Thank you Anna and staff for making my life easier by re-opening!!!!.

    Terri Russell

  • Hi Anna - &co!   Just wanted to send a little note to thank you for doing our registry! As you know I've been collecting pieces of yours over the years but definitely don't have everything so it was great to be able to pick a few things I've always wanted and to get them given to us as wedding gifts! My favorite piece we got still is the platter - I love the color and the matching bowls plus the red ones - they're already getting great use in our home!

    Thanks again and Happy New Year you all!

    Jenn McIlwain

  • I absolutely love this pottery. I have been collecting for years and use it everyday. Some of my favorites are the pasta dishes. I use them for everything and even put them in the oven for baked recipes. The French butter pots are also great for heating up M&M frozen soups...just the perfect size. Anna and her staff do a phenomenal job and they are a credit to the artists found in Central Alberta. Glad she is back in business. Nice final destination on a weekend drive!!

    Karen Kenny